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06-02-2016, 05:31 PM
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(This post was last modified: 06-02-2016 05:34 PM by NjNyDigger.)
It has been a very long 4 year journey in both creating and attempting to grow Treasure Classifieds. Overall, it has been a rewarding experience, one that I wouldn't trade for anything.

As I've mentioned many times, running a site of this nature is more than a business, it's almost like raising a child. It's an enormous amount of work, and one needs to live it, breathe it & sleep it 24/7/365. And it takes a toll.

A mission such as this would be extremely difficult without support. That support of course, is the members. Just like a sports team, we grow & triumph largely on the participation of EVERYONE...teamwork. I, you, or any other single person, cannot be the sole engine that helps drive our growth. It is a collective undertaking. I feel as if I have personally done more than enough over the years to help our community prosper, along with the help of a few other individuals, however, it isn't enough.

I have urged publicly on several occasions for as many members as possible to create videos, as they help bring in new members. Yet, aside from Ron CA, MRH, Relic Medic, Scott Demont, and a couple of others, my requests have fell on deaf ears. Disheartening.

It is also disheartening when I put out a call for members to share their experience with others in our community, via writing a simple blog post or two, and a whopping ONE individual (Shadeseeker, whose wife was ill at the time) is the only person who cares enough to pitch in.

It is quite sad when I run a contest and a bunch of mystery members, who haven't logged into the site in ages, magically reappear out of thin air, simply to win a prize.

I can go on for at least a few more paragraphs, but I think you get my point. I have funded this entire operation out of pocket since day one. It hasn't been easy. In addition, I have taken valuable time away from work responsibilities, family outings, hunting opportunities and many other life happenings, all to make sure the community (and membership) is in working order and happy. Yet...

Such personal sacrifices made by myself and a few other members, cannot alone create the type of future community we all wish for. It is not only NOT possible, it is also not fair that everyone reap the rewards based off the hard work and contribution of the few. Changes are in order.

Moving forward, while the points system for prizes will remain more or less the same, it will be restructured, and it will be restructured based upon how much is given back to the community by the individual members. Prizes will be earned, and will ONLY be redeemable, based upon a mixture of posts, community tasks, and other items, which will be posted in due time.

I started the points system for several reasons, but the main two were: I wanted to show members that their participation/time was appreciated. And, I wanted to do things differently than other sites were. It always made ME happier to give away a prize than the recipient who was receiving it. I didn't ask for applause, I never sought thanks, and never expected praise. However, the one thing I did hope for, was contribution. Not only posts, as that goes without saying, since members are going to post to earn prizes anyway, and we all enjoy showing the fruits of our labor. More so, via giving back to the community. Showing love & appreciation to other members through involvement and going the extra mile. But...

When only a small handful out of 1,000+ members care to pitch in for even the simplest of gestures, it makes me feel as though the majority do not care. I have received PM's from others echoing the same thoughts, so I know I am not alone in my thinking.

Unfortunately, as is the case in life many times, a good thing, which was done with the noblest of intentions, becomes tainted because of the laziness & selfishness of those who didn't care enough to pitch in, and help do their part.

To the few who have sacrificed, to the small minority who have gone above & beyond to help our community prosper, I thank you, and greatly appreciate your involvement.

I urge all of our members, please take care of this community, and seek to contribute to its growth, exactly like you would in the community in which you live. It is no different.

On a final note, please understand that this modification (and others coming), are being done to effect change. Positive change. Rewards are just that...rewards, and should only go to those who earn them. No more free rides for all, based upon on my generosity, or the sacrifice of a few members.

As this is 'case closed', there is no further discussion needed, and this thread will be locked. However, if anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to PM them my way.

I will continue my quest to make this the best damn community out there, but I need as much backup as you guys can give. For the others, for those who simply wish to keep the status quo, you are certainly welcome here, but just understand that you will only get out of this place what you put in. Nothing more.

In closing, I have not been hunting all that much this season, as I recently got back into my old hobbies of videography, writing, and a few other pursuits. Couple the lesser detecting time with my frustration over the forum, and I think a break was/is needed. Hence my absence. No drama further than that. Just remember...

Like a chain, we are only as strong as our weakest link.

P.S. - All coins redeemed BEFORE today will be honored, as always. Moving forward, as of today, TC coins can ONLY be redeemed by completing a set of forum tasks, which I will be posting in the coming days.


NjNyDigger, proud to be a member of Treasure Classifieds Forum since 2013.

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