Axe Head # 8 - brass handle - possible gun plate or part .

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09-21-2014, 04:24 PM
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Axe Head # 8 - brass handle - possible gun plate or part .
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moved a little closer towards the water today, but still in the woods. found more coquina brick foundations from an old Spanish settlement or fort.
( several chunks of old coqina brick weighing 100`s of pounds lined up in a row some pushed up by large oak roots, many still underground )
dug up another axe head, think this is # 8 so far. also pulled up a brass handle, hopefully to my chest of gold ... just gotta find the chest now ...
or possibly an old drawer handle .
just above the handle in the pic is a flat brass piece, i believe another piece of a gun plate or part . a small half of a brass buckle . a few dropped round balls, a few fired round balls, and what appears to be a few round balls worked into fishing sinkers . thought those where interesting. and got my two cents in memorials , and either a 41 or 47 wheat . not my most exciting day digging ... but i was digging, so im happy ....

thanks for peeking


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09-21-2014, 11:18 PM
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RE: Axe Head # 8 - brass handle - possible gun plate or part .
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(09-21-2014 07:55 PM)Ohio Dirt Fisher Wrote:  Cool Stuff BONES. Congrats on the axehead. The brass handle is fabulous. Could be a chest handle, sure big enough for one. That's funny about those round balls drilled out for fishing weights. I've found FMJ .45 cal used for the same purpose with the monofilament line still attached in river cracks. Breezy cool day here and another five hours at that same spot I found the Rosies at yesterday. Found a camp midden with buried aluminum plates and rusted tin cans at 15 inches. And it was the dig from hell with all the roots and rocks. I gotta get a T handled digger for the woods. 20 feet away found a coin spill with early modern clad, early mems and only one 57 D wheat. RATS! No


about the same here today Ed. the heat was back up in the 90`s again and humid as hell, was nice getting some 80`s this past week. besides the handle and odd brass piece, i just pulled a ton of lead two memorials, and my little lone wheat ...
but you know how it is, as long as your digging and enjoying yourself, that`s what counts ...


(09-21-2014 08:00 PM)PittsburghWill Wrote:  Those are some cool lead pieces.  The brass is awesome.  I'd love to dig some nice brass pieces like that.  The ax is sweet too.  Nice hunt Bones.

Thank you PittsburghWill ... i skip most iron if it seems small, when i hit a larger iron signal i sometimes take the dive and dig the hole, so far i am up to 8 of the ax heads
and the pick ax all from the same site. once i get them cleaned up they should make a pretty nice display. i have a few real odd iron pieces i still need to drag out the woods but they are very large, and after a few hours digging i just haven`t wanted to drag them out yet.
I love digging the brass as well, the brass usually ends up being something interesting.

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