Colonial site iron. warded key - hoe .

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08-17-2014, 09:54 PM
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Colonial site iron. warded key - hoe .
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scanned a 20x20 square today full of iron, pulled up 5 buttons between the iron
( other post ) 
decided to pull some of the iron to get a better peek into the ground, i have a ton of iron waiting to be cleaned. 
here is a couple of the ID`able pieces ...

pulled up a broken warded key.
and a broken old hoe ... 

i`ll post all the rest of the iron another day, once i get it all cleaned .
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08-18-2014, 09:56 AM
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RE: Colonial site iron. warded key - hoe .
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(08-18-2014 08:14 AM)Ohio Dirt Fisher Wrote:  Cool BONES! Now I know what a warded key is. Why do you assign it as warded instead of skeleton? Be interesting to know the difference. From what I've read the warded locks are not really used much around here but still in use in England and Ireland. So you may have another link to history of the site there.


I am a school certified locksmith . the proper name is warded bit key.
or bit key ... a barrel key would have the hole down the centre
warded refers to the cut on the side of the key way restricting an improper key from entering the key hole . and to the cuts in the key restricting it from operating another lock that it would fit into.
skeleton key is just a common slang for warded bit keys and barrel keys .
there are bit and barrel keys that do not have the wards restricting other keys from operating the lock. those would simply be bit or barrel keys . without the restricting warded cuts . also the flat steel key is another example of a warded key ...
warded bit and barrel keys are still widley used every day
Example : if you have ever had a lovley pair of handcuffs applied to you. the key used is a barrel key .
and is actually one of the simplest locks to bypass ...
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08-18-2014, 06:28 PM
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RE: Colonial site iron. warded key - hoe .
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(08-18-2014 05:35 PM)Ohio Dirt Fisher Wrote:  Thanks for the answer BONES! I never knew the difference. So a barrel key is also like one of those that they lock the soda machines with and hence many other such doors.


no, a soda machine lock would be a tubular or round pin tumbler lock. the lock has a series of pins of differing lengths in a circle.
a warded lock operates by the bit or barrel key moving a ward or locking mechanism
within the lock no pins as in a pin tumbler lock .
the tubular locks offer much more security, and require a specialized pick to bypass. a warded lock for a bit or barrel key such as in handcuffs, can be opened with a paper clip or any properly formed piece of metal .
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