minelab etrac vs Minelab se pro

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12-19-2014, 08:42 PM
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minelab etrac vs Minelab se pro
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Hey guys just wondering what the difference is between the Etrac compared to the se pro?  As always guys thanks for the input and help!!

CTX 3030, TRX Pin Pointer, and an understanding wife.
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12-20-2014, 01:00 AM
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RE: minelab etrac vs Minelab se pro
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I always liked the Explorers more than the Etrac.

Better ID on the Explorers both Visual and Tone.

On the Etrac, Minelab forced all the most targets the 12 FE line so 90 percent of the good targets all hit on the 12 ferrous line. But that is not real world and on the Explorers they still show the variances in the ferrous line so you can distinguish between different targets. Not sure why they did that but they carried that stupid concept over into the CTX as well.

i have owned 2 different E-tracs and many many Explorers over the years.

I always felt the Explorer 2 (w/ Pro Coil) was the best Explorer but the SE Pro is just as good. I personally feel the Explorers have a better initial hit on a deep target. The Etrac will also hit on the target but in my opinion it was not as solid and in some cases I feel I would not have stopped on a target with the Etrac if I didn't already know it was there.

Th ETrac is said to be faster and separates better. I used an Etrac for over a year and can't say I saw a difference in my finds vs the Explorers. I used the SE for a year prior to the Etrac and eventually ended up back with the Explorer 2 as I dug less deep iron with the E2 and at the time I was deep turf hunting.

I now relic hunt most of the time and use a CTX which is no doubt faster in the iron than both of those machines, just as deep in the turf but still has the stupid 12 FE line. But using it for relic hunting the 12 line is pretty much a non issue as if it beeps higher than a nail, we dig it!!

Just my two cents and based on my experience in my ground in CA. (and 3 years in KY)
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12-22-2014, 04:54 AM
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RE: minelab etrac vs Minelab se pro
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I'm a newbie to the SE Pro (Since March of 2014) but I like it very much over the Delta I ran for three seasons. On the other hand I know guys up here that have the Etrac and swear by them. But those guys swing really slow and albeit get a lot of deep silver. The field options are pretty much the same as with the SE Pro but with the Etrac you have the ability to download updates with it and hunting programs. I like the SE in that I have the ability to switch tactics and screens in the field (as you can with the Etrac) or over the find to help me make a decision to dig. But as Ron says, the Etrac puts a limit on the Fe range ( in the videos on you tube you'll see as examples 12-36, 12-44, 12-46 etc... the 12 is the limit of the Fe and the 36, 44, and 46 are the conductive, which are the real attention getters.) and kinda stops your decision making capability and forces you to dig the conductive side of the scale. And if you are a coin and jewelry "Cherry Picker" like me, with an Etrac you'll dig more unwanted targets in my opinion. Now that's not to say that I don't dig them with the SE too, just not that many based on what I see on the screen, especially if I have my IM set at 16 or more, which is less iron rejection number wise. (32 less rejection, -0- full rejection of iron or ferrous content of target.) So when I'm running in IM at 16 and I see 15-24, 14-29, 13-26, I know I'm passing over mixed steel or iron targets.

Sometimes even though the high tone is almost there.

Then there's the tone factor. I don't know much about the tone on the Etrac, but, I know a lot about the tone on the SE Pro. And that's the other major factor. If the target is small by sweep, the FE small in number (1 thru 8) and the conductive (CO) number higher than or equal to 27, it's a dig if the tone is in the highest range you can hear. When I hit silver with the SE, I usually know it beforehand by the tone in conjunction with the numbers. The tone is the giveaway. And I mean the tone is high, almost to the extent of my hearing in that frequency. I used to call it screaming, but only on targets close to the surface. For those deeper silver targets I would and do call it blistering. Because you can't deny it's singular quality and the ability of your brain to hold onto it.

There are a lot of other factors in the machine which you'll learn by use. For example, if you go by the FE-CO number charts plastered about the internet, you'll eventually discover that corroded and worn objects will show different numbers. Like toasted wheats and corroded IH's as well as barbers and seated dimes or Reale's that are thin. You pick this info up over time by seeing what you dig in relation to the screen results. Either machine is top notch. Just depends on your style and method of detecting. They know what's in the ground. Once you know how they know, you'll have it down pat. It's actually a lot of fun finding out.

Good luck in your decision. It's not an easy choice. Wasn't for me but I made the leap! I'm glad I did. Stay safe out there firedog!


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