Need rant/rave section!

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08-12-2017, 04:42 PM
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Need rant/rave section!
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I'm not bitchin or asking for anything but man = why does it take 24 hrs (or more sometimes)
to get a for sale ad to be live/posted here now??

I posted a detector for sale on 3 different sites and it sold on another site 20 hrs before it ever went live here!

Yes = I can look at the bright side in that it sold! But I'm just sayin Think

Maybe there can be a cutoff point to where once a guy has been a member for x amount of time AND
has listed x amount of machines/etc. for sale -- he could just post imed. like it used to be? I mean,
seems to me that the scammers would be "new" and found out long before becoming a long time member
and then IF a member has a yr or more in with say 10 or so sales behind him/her that the "waiting" period
could then be waved and he/she allowed to post imed??

Just a suggestion?

MichiganRelicHunter, proud to be a digger since 1977
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