Nokta Impact Cheat Sheet

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08-12-2017, 09:36 PM
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Nokta Impact Cheat Sheet
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Copied from another forum, an owner made a copy that was small enough to carry with him.
Allows him to make adjustments without needing to have the manual handy.
Impact Cheat Sheet Shortcuts: 7/28/17
ID Depth Sens - Pull Trigger & Press Up Button

Audio Boost - Pull Trigger & press minus Button

ID Normal/Standard - Pull Trig. & press + Button

Wireless Headphone-Triger & press Down Button

Notch: Select Notch use + or - to get to 1st ID
number to notch, press Select once, press + or -
for more numbers then press Select again.

Tone Break: Select in menu, push Select button,
use + or - buttons to change Value. Push Select
again to move cursor, + or - to change Value.

iSAT: Higher is Faster = Less depth
Use iSAT and Tracking in All Metal

Autio Tone: Press Select button use + or - Buttons
press Select Button again to go to next tone

VLX1 same as DI3 but lower noise level.
VLX2 same as DI4 but less noise
DI4 deeper than DI3, VLX2 deeper than VLX1

DI2, DI3, DI4, DI99, COG Iron 0-15
Nick 30, Zinc 66, Dime 78, Copper 79, Quarter 87
Gold Rings Ladies/Kids VDI 14-22 Mens 29 - 44

Tot Lot / Volleyball / Soccer Field Program VLX2
Gain 70, Disc 40, Iron Vol. 0, No Notch, Tone
Breaks 40-55-80 (default) iSat 01, Freq. 20 kHz

Park Program VLX1 No Zincs
Gain 50, Disc 53, Iron Vol. 0, Notch 57-82, Tones
15-35-70, Tone Breaks 40-80, iSat 02, Freq. 14 kHz

Trashy Park Program DI4 with Zincs
Gain 30, Disc 27, Iron Vol. 0, Notch 33-42 & 46-63
Tone Breaks 15-33-76, iSat 02, Freq. 14 kHz

Ghost Town Program Small Coil DI3
Gain 95, Disc 03, Iron Vo. 01, Notch none
Tones 15-35-70, Tone Break 15 & 65,
iSat 01, Freq. 20 kHz

Ghost Town Program Large Coil DI99
Gain 95, Disc 02, Iron Vol 01, Notch none
iSat 01, Freq. 20 kHz

Gen, STA, Deep, VLX1,VX2 Iron 0-40
Nick 55, Zinc 82, Copper 84, Dime 85, Quarter 87
Gold Rings Ladies/Kids VDI 14-22 Mens 29 - 44

Another good feature to keep in mind.
You have control over the iron overload behavior, from the manual:

NOTE: You can increase or decrease the overload volume with the on/off (volume) control. When the
volume of the device is at maximum, the overload volume will be low. As the volume of the
device is lowered, the overload volume will increase.

With the volume at max, and the overload is pleasant on the Impact, not blaring like some other machines.

Nokta Impact, Deteknix Quest Pro,Teknetics Mark 1
Self built Mirage PI's --- they work great!!
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08-12-2017, 10:15 PM
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RE: Nokta Impact Cheat Sheet
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That will come in very handy! Thanks

ohioturkeyhunter, proud to be a member of Treasure Classifieds Forum since Aug 2016.
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