Time to Change Course

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06-28-2016, 11:38 PM
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Time to Change Course
Most of you guys know me a while now, and for those that do, you realize I'm a straight shooter. I don't mince words, and I lay shit directly on the line, for better or worse.

We're attempting to build a GREAT treasure hunting community here. Bottom line...

I can only do so much myself. I'm one man. If we truly want this place to be great, and to keep going, we have to each get off our asses and make stuff happen, period.

You guys may not want to hear it, but it's the truth: There's way too much ME, ME, ME going on around here, and that's not what this community is about. Maybe I'm to shoulder some of the blame, as I do things so drastically different in this community. Fine, I'll take the heat. But the fact remains...

If you all want to participate in the good stuff, it's time to start pitching in, just like I, and a few others do.

I mentioned changes are coming, and here are a few, for now...

1. Earning gear is a privilege, not a right. Moving forward, everyone will continue earning TC points with every post, however, the only way to cash out and redeem your points, will be by hitting certain posting milestones. And no, the milestones will not be easy to hit, that'll just breed more laziness. I tried doing it the genteel way, and nobody responded. So, now we do it the right way. I will post the minimum redemption threshold in a day or two, under the appropriate thread. In addition, the TC points will be restructured, and will be modified a bit lower.

2. Contests, IMO, are only to be enjoyed by those who go the extra mile, and give back to the community, in terms of time, posts, attitude, etc. From here on out, if members don't have a minimum level of posts for the PRECEDING TWO MONTHS prior to the newest contest, they are not eligible. And again, no easy outs. As members of this community, you GIVE BACK. Don't have time? Find it, just like I and others do. It really isn't that hard, just takes some effort and willpower. If nobody reaches the posting threshold? Easy, no contests.

3. Forum functions like PM's and other tools, are again, a privilege. In order to utilize these functions, you will need to hit certain posting milestones. While the milestones to enjoy the forum functions will not be as steep as for earning gear, or for participating in contests, it will still take some effort, and is being done to prompt more activity. Don't have the time to post, you say? Then you wouldn't have the time to use the PM feature or other tools, so there should be no complaints.

I realize some people will not like these new rules. That's fine and reasonable. However, the definition of "crazy" is to keep doing the same thing, and to expect different results. I've been doing the same thing for 4 years now, and nothing has changed for the better in our community. Something needs to give. Please realize...

This is being done with the best of intentions, to HELP our community. For the one's who normally give back anyway, all of these new rules will not be an issue. For the one's looking for a free ride, I predict these rules will bother them greatly. And if you so happen to be in the latter group...

I like you, I wish you well, and don't let the door hit you on the way out Happy I would rather have 20 active, spirited, community-minded members, than 100 who sit on their asses doing nothing.

All that being said, do understand, I see & hear EVERYTHING. I know who the team players are, who the takers are, who's here for a free ride, and who's here because of their love for the community. So...

Being the admin, I feel it's only fair to be flexible with certain individuals, when and where appropriate. If I see someone is busting their hump, and falls a few posts short to enter a contest, or to redeem gear, I'll always do the human thing, the right thing, and will make the situation just. Exceptions can be made. However, again, they are exceptions, and will be made at my discretion, within reason. If a person needs to hit 200 posts per month for a threshold, and only has 25 or 50, that, IMO, doesn't warrant an exception. And this isn't just for posts, it's across the board.

Think of this as a fresh start. For those that know me, I'm the easiest guy in the world, and if I see someone is giving back, we're cool. If on the other hand, you choose to remain here doing little to nothing, fair enough. You'll reap what you sow. And if that isn't good enough for you, feel free to move on.

This thread will be closed, as there is no debate needed. If anyone wishes to voice their opinion, simply to drop me a PM.

I created this community myself, and it's taken a bunch of sweat to get it only this far. For those who have helped me on the journey, and who will continue to do so, I am grateful. Together, we will make our community the greatest out there.


NjNyDigger, proud to be a member of Treasure Classifieds Forum since 2013.

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