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Full Version: Some park relics and some firsts for me...
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Hey Yall,

 So I've been completely convinced of the ctx's ability to find things hidden from other machines and after getting the 6 inch coil was even more convinced.
I've found 6 silver in three hunts (after getting the 6 inch coil on) where previously I couldn't even hear these tones with my ctx. (Highly infested with iron site)
I got 2 firsts last week and a couple of random cool relics.

Thanks for looking and as always Happy Hunting!

First ever seated. I couldn't believe it when I pulled it out.

First real gold ring (non plate)

Small cow or goat bell (anyone found one of these?)

small folding/swivel key (any idea what it was used for?)
WHOA!!!!! Awesome, awesome finds, Micah Yes Love that bell!!! So, did you miss these finds because you weren't using the small coil & the bigger coil couldn't 'see through' the trash, or, did you just not swing the coil over them the last time?

WTG Micah!!  Congrats on the great finds!
I love it.  That's awesome stuff.  Small coils are great.
Holy Cow, JACKPOT in all categories! Congrats Micah!!!!! We're still here manning the pumps but looking forward to the wished HH!
killer finds dude!
Nice finds! Love the seated. Found one a couple of weeks ago. The first one in a LONG time. I have found bells but none with a beautiful design on it like yours. The key is very interesting. Never saw one like that. Maybe for a strong box? Just a guess. Those 6" coils are great in trash. I have one for my SEPro. They cut through trash like a knife and force you to slow down. Looking forward to seeing more finds from you. It looks like a good site. I would stick with it until I was pretty sure I got most of the goodies. Good work, Gerry
Thanks guys,

Joe, I def swung over them but the tones were nulling a tad too much to make a decent sound (there is iron literally every 12 inches) the small coil gave classic tone hits.
Nice, looks like that small coil is working for you.
Excellent finds

love the bell and the key!

That ring looks older (like 1930s/40s old).

Congrats on the cool finds

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