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Full Version: HUGE Nugget Video-- Mark Finds a WHOPPER--LIVE DIG!
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It was such a great find I put a little extra effort into the video for him.

I know this should go on the Video page but this is too good and want to make sure it gets seen by the member!!

Joe might as well get this one ready for the banner!!  I know Mark does not post on this forum but this is amazing.

Enjoy the 2 minute history lesson and then the real fun begins!!

HOLEY SHIT .... thats all i can say ....
I second what Bones said, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!! You gotta be kidding me?!?! I actually thought it was a big ol' hunk of iron when Mark pulled it up! That's crazy. Never seen a flat nugget before. Ron, not sure I can put it on the banner...

I don't think it'll fit!!! Tongue

My personal opinion (not being much of a gold guy, just going on gut) is that that piece is worth FAR more than the weight. On such a large piece like that (very rare), I'm sure there's going to be QUITE a premium paid...IF the nug was sold, which I know would be hard to do. I very rarely discuss value on finds, cause, well, first, it's not really the important part of this hobby, and second, most finds aren't worth a whole lot. THAT thing however, would command a mighty premium, IMHO.

Truly astounding!!! And by the way...

Walter Cronkite, er, Ron, FANTASTIC video Yes

Banner all the way Beer Now try and get Mark back on here, lol.

Unbelievable.   Congrats.
Holy moley. That's a dream find right there. Congrats to your buddy mark on that one. Think he might of gained legendary status after that
HOLY SHIT!!!!Was my words exactly same time as Mark on the video,lol. Badass dude, alot better than the subgrain crumbs I get!! I assume yall went back with the big guns!
WOW!!!  I'm heading west.
Man - there just isn't any words as for finding something like that!

Holy F'ing shit is about all anyone can say!

That and Congrats!
Mark, I am truly beyond words. That is the find of a lifetime. And DID YOU CHECK THE HOLE???? To see a natural 76.2 pennyweight CHUNK of gold nugget dug live and videoed well is going to be a youtube killer in about a day or so! Congratulations on both!!

And if my wife sees this video, we will be moving to California real soon.
WOW!!! That's incredible!!! I love how he picked it up out of the hole and realized what it was and he threw it back down and you both flip out! That's an amazing find!!
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