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Full Version: Them Romans were Smart!
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Simply amazing that a civilization thousands of years old could've accomplished something like this!

Amazing Joe. That's a good article. Seems they paid attention a lot more than our civilization does. But they did have 700 years to do it considering that cup artifact dates from the 400 AD era when the Romans were in decline. There's a principle out there where the amount of knowledge doubles every so many years. It's really too bad that the library at Alexandria:

was burned and so much ancient history was lost in those scrolls. Who really knows what was recorded of that history back then. Maybe some of these discoveries like the one you post are part of that. It's good to know that people somewhere are discovering things that are prevalent to our time from so long a time ago. We find coins from the past and we think it's great. These people are finding the science of the past and you and I think it's phenomenal. As it should be. We have to stay "awake" to this sort of thing.

Thanks for being awake!

is amazing how many secrets known to our ancestors where lost to us, we are constantly learning new things about our own being. and from the not to far past ... 
shows how little we really know, even about our own history.
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