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Full Version: Unbelievable!
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Rare copy of the Magna Carta found in a scrapbook at public library. WOW!!!

That's a real interesting find Joe! Our founding fathers used some of the language in the Magna Carte to draft the bill of rights in the US Constitution. No matter how old the declaration of human rights might be it will never be out of date. And it's interesting to note that the document was sent out to all the cities and towns so that everybody stood on the same ground. You never can tell what you'll find in a library over there but this one is an outstanding example.

Wow Amazing. Makes you wonder how many more things are buried in the archives of our document and relic keepers. They want to keep others from uncovering history while they rebury it for themselves.
That is crazy!! Kind of like our museums. All kinds of neat stuff buried and lost in the archives only to be seen by a few every hundred years or so!
Thanks for sharing!
That sure is interesting!
At first when I read it and I thought they found it in a sandwich. Chuckle
Wasn't that the Earl of Sandwhich?

Cool article, there is hope for us treasure hunters! Hey you never know
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