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Finally get to post some recent finds. Went out today and spent 5.5hours in the woods getting some pretty good signals. Found me some head stamps,buckles,a mass fish leg band , this long bullet never seen one this long and thenvi dug the top and twenty feet away the bottom of what i think is a match case. Sterling silver as you can see the stamp too sucks it is all bent up would have been a great piece,well better than it is now. Possibly going again this week weather in the 50s. Thanks for looking and HH [attachment=7524][attachment=7525][attachment=7526][attachment=7527]
Wow! That match safe is a killer find!!! It's gonna look awesome cleaned up.
[attachment=7529] all cleaned up
Oh my god its gorgeous! That needs to be up top on the banner!
Excellent find, congratulations! That might be a Victorian match holder but it is only a guess.
The match case is a super find; even more impressive that you dug it out of two widely spaced holes. A lot of people might have ended up with just one part and left themselves wondering how nice it would be to see it complete. I agree with Medic, that is a banner candidate. Big time congratulations!
One hell of a compliment guys,, i very much appreciate if i make the top
Flippin A1 Scott!!!! That's a banner for sure! Congratulations on an extraordinary find!!! Yes Dancing Party

Friend of mine was looking at it and accidentally dropped it going to see if it can be rebuilt [attachment=7601]
That's a shame Scott but I'm sure you can put it back together or at least I hope ya can. Its a real beauty
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