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Full Version: REAL, Chinese Coin, Powder Flask and Buckle Part
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Thanks Ray for the invite to poke around one of your sites!! It was a great time and a few really nice items popped out!

More fabulous finds from the Relic Adventurers!! Absolutely GREAT! Love that 1808 Reale!! It don't get much better than that!!

Holy crappers!!! Amazing finds!!!

Great finds and awesome video as usual! Keep it up man. Hope to see some more soon YesYes
Unreal relics you grabbed from the ground Ron. Very impressive
Congrats on the Super nice finds. Enjoyed watching the video. Thank you for taken the time to capture it. GL HH!
You'all are killin it out there!

Awesome finds as usual Yes

Cool video Ron! Was fun!  Except gor the poison oak I hot covered in lol.
Oops I commented on the video but forgot the forum. Absolutely incredible! Some people will enjoy this hobby all their lives and not find anything nearly as historic as the finds in your post. Just amazing. Congratulations!
Congratulations! Those are real terrific finds and you make me want a road trip.......nah only happy for you both
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