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Full Version: Yes, I know it's a fork
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What I want to know is what type of metal. It cleaned up and I see "1881Rogers A1" on the back. I have tried to find it in line, but no luck.
Looks silver plated to me. That is a fancy looking fork. Cool find.
Yeah Rogers 1881 is silver plate.
base metal on Silver plated will usually be copper based (like brass) or nickel based. Brass is actually an alloy of copper and zinc.
Just my two cents.

A damn good looking fork! Beautiful design for sureYes
Great snag
I believe it may be:

Also Wm. A. Rogers
William A. Jameson

But a fabulous and classic looking fork!

Love it!!
Without testing the metal It is hard to say but the statement made earlier that it is silver plated with a base of bronze or copper sounds about right.
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