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Full Version: Over 2oz of silver bling.
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Managed to find this 65.1g Sterling Silver bracelet by David Turman. In case you didn't know. He is one of the masters of artistic jewelry and fetches premium price. Often unreal.

Being out of the circle. I didnt really know what i had found. I knew it was nice and heavy. Looked well made, but the hallmark was worn. I could see a circle with DY, and under it was a partial 9. We were guessing and hoping for a 950 platinum. But being so tarnished we were doubtful, and thinking it was most likely silver.

Then I used the my phone and google DY. Wham, David Turman this was even nicer than just a silver bracelet. It's designer quality and sells for $775 new. (Large)

I have to be thankful for the nice find and not think about if it would have been Gold. Maybe next time.

By the way, cleaned it with boiling water , baking soda, dash of salt and aluminum foil dull side up.

It shows some wear, but I'm happy and it's my first David Turman jewelry, not my last.

Good luck everyone, and the next recovery could change the day!
WHOA!!! That is an insane find. David Yurman's jewelry is HIGHLY prized, and as you said, people pay top dollar for it. Every once in a while you see someone post them on the forums, but rarely. As an added bonus, it looks good on you Yes

That's a banner worthy find in my book, congrats, Up Beer
bling, did you say bling? I say BLING!!!!  Wow, what a wonderful find you pulled up. I think that's certainly among the top couple of bracelets posted on the forum since I've been on. How and where did you find it?
That's a WHOPPER Up!! Yes Must've sound like a high tone can! Fabulous find!!

HOLY COW! That is just beautiful!
BLING! Wow , it may not be yellow but that is a really great find! I agree it does look good on you.
  Thanks for sharing such a great find.
Terrific find! Congratulations! I would bet you did the happy dance two ties, once when you found it and the second one after getting that great news! Darn good looking item - you just got an early Christmas present, WTG!
I wonder if you can still hear after the Beep that must of made! Very nice hunk of silver Christmas came early!
(12-05-2016 07:48 PM)shadeseeker Wrote: [ -> ]How and where did you find it?

Found it on a super low tide with my excalibur.

My friend and I traveled a mile of beach without really getting any signals. One cruddy penny and trash ever now and then. I decided to move up to the high tide line and started finding more coins.

Few minutes later, I'm looking for Bryan's location. He was at the waters edge, and seemed to be finding stuff. This area would normally be under water at some point.

He came up to see what i was finding. Just trash, and clad. I said what were you digging? He said i hit some clad, quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. I said wow, we walked for miles without hardly any signals.

I suggested let's go hit this area, since it seems like the ocean might have deposited items in this area. For about 150 ft we had signals, trash and clad. Sometimes we spend to much time on the weak signals thinking it might be something nice. Most time it junk or a earring back. This consumes a lot of energy and time. After awhile, I skip those and cover more ground looking for the blow your ear off signals. We call them blarers. Haha.
The beaches are werid, amazed how long you can go before a signal sometimes, other times you can't take a step without getting a signal. Most signals will be trash or pennies.

Found the bracelet in the area my friend started getting signals. (In a way, my friend helped me find it) It appears the condition were right only in this small section of beach.

Yes, it sounded Huge, Big Can, Big Blarer and got it in the first scoop. So it wasn't deep either. It was not clasped when i found it. Of course it was bitter sweet for my friend. We both are competitive, but at end of the hunt we both rather Us have the treasure rather than the other pirates out there. Fyi, we seen at least 7 other folks swinging. Some were nice with a head nod, others had there mug face on. Lol!

We are there to have fun, but we are serious about detecting. So we will always acknowledge curious people and try to answer their questions and politely disengage conversation . Got to get to swinging.

I often joke with my friend about him not finding anything sometimes. I tell him i seen him talking to all the gals and the others. He wasn't hunting. He laughs, and said he was approached by them. There is another type of treasure. But let's not talk about that here.
That's why I like hiding behind my dark shades, no eye contact. This allows me sneak by and stay focused.

Thanks everyone for viewing and the thumbs up.
Thanks for the background story Updown. I was reasonably sure you had a beach find but I really wanted to know how it all fell into place. Visualizing from your account makes me feel like I might have been looking over your shoulder when you found the bracelet. Man, I've got to get to a beach sometime!
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