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Full Version: 1850 SLAVE TAG!!
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Sorry but this is the same as the post I have made on a few forums. Sorry if it is redundant.

WOW-- This has been on my bucket list for a very long time. Just got back from my annual trip to Charleston SC and I'm still on cloud 9!!

Every year I head to the south with a few buddies and we hunt some plantations with high hopes of a great find. I have seen a couple other slave tags dug but was never the lucky one to pass the coil over it. Well, my time came and I was the one that was lucky enough to swing the coil over it.

This plantation was a mid 1700 plantation and we did locate the slave cabins or at least the few bricks that were left. The caretaker gave us a tour of the plantation and let us get to diggin. We dug several flat buttons and a few other period targets but the site had been hunted hard over the years. Finally a nice 80 on the Deus and I turned the plug and this just popped out lying face up as seen in the picture below. I almost passed out hahaha! WE had been digging several shotgun shells that were reading in the high 70s and low 80s so I was not expecting much and this totally got caught me off guard!! That feeling is the reason I metal detect! What a rush!!

A few pictures to show fresh from the ground, a little cleaning and then the final cleaning. The detecting gods were smiling on me that day!!
Ok, if this doesn't deserve it, I don't know what does. So let me be the first to say it...


Sad piece of history right there, but definitely a bucket lister for any serious relic hunter. I don't know how you do it, Ron, but I tip my hat to you. That baby is surely going to see quite a few magazine covers, and it's definitely going up on our banner Yes

Dig of a lifetime, and one which I'm sure you'll always cherish. Congrats, buddy Happy
That is an amazing piece of history things like that just fire up the imagination of when and where and who lost it. Gratz on a Terrible and Amazing find.
Wow That is a great find I think its on top of everyones wish list. I love it Congrats Ron
An amazing find! I guess this does prove that even though an area has been heavily hunted there still remains "goodies" to be found. Just wondering...what are the approx measurements? Thanks!
Wow, wow, wow, congratulations!
Thx all-- it is about 1 3/4" square
Congrats on the awesome find ron, and in very good condition! I'm glad you were able to snag it finally, congrats again!
Congratulations on your banner find!
Not much to add but wow! Congrats on such a great find.

PS I don't think we are offended this was posted on other forums , we are happy that you shared it with us.
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