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Full Version: 2 bucket listers and new oldest silver + more
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Hey all, got out today where I've been going. Went into 5 fields today over about 8 hours. Just randomly walking through the vast acreage of land.
And today, I was very lucky!
I just so happened to get my coil over my oldest silver to date, a...

1746 Ferdinand the VI of Spain

"Both (are) one, Mexico [City Mint], 1746." Displays two hemispheres of a world map, crowned between the Pillars of Hercules adorned with the PLVS VLT[R]A motto.

"Ferdinand VI, by the Grace of God, King of the Spains and the Indies"
Displays the arms of Castile and León with Granada in base and an inescutcheon of Anjou.

And not only that, but a handful of other goodies! I first scored the copper, likely a King George. Then I went dry for quite awhile... stumbled upon the reale next. Came up as a 63 on the at pro, probably a few inches down. I wasn't gonna dig it at first because it was jumping from 40s to 60s. Figured it was junk, but it ended up being the realend and a hot rock right next to it! Happy I dug it! I called james over before I revealed it. He ran over and I said I think it's a half dime but I'm not sure, and I gave him the honors of rubbing the dirt off. His excitement almost made me $|-|¡t myself. He had it for a good minute before I saw what it finally was. And I was super stoked! Anyway, next finds were the Indians. A 1903 and a 1863, my first fatty Indian! I knew it was a fatty right away once I saw how thick that baby was! I then found the complete BEAUTIFUL pinkish quarts arrow head. I saw it and knew instantly before I picked it up. Was laying there waiting, calling my name haha. I then found the musketball, piece of a colonial buckle, what looks to be a lead game piece, a button and a unknown ornate thingy. The oval piece on it turns...and it's gilted. Was thinking some sort of buckle but not complete? I have no idea. So any info is appreciated. I also found ANOTHER bronze trade weight of a different kind, also found in proximity of the 2 others and the Half reale! And last but not least, a lantern turning thingy to adjust the wick or whatever, it has a star on it.
But yeah, today was a great day for me. James, not so much. I felt bad as I kept getting things.
But he did manage a tombac, 1897 barber dime and a few other things. Not bad at all, but just not as much.

But anyway, that's #2 silver for the year and one of my top 3 hunts for sure.
Thanks for looking and happy hunting!
Sweet finds I got out for about 5 hours today but I was exploring some woods near a old mill didn't find much and Pennypop doesn't do well in the woods to much wood to climb over. You have such awsome finds I can't wait to get really good with the f75 I dug up a 80's coke can 14 inches down Happy
Thanks clad. I feel you though, trekking through the woods is rough. Idk how Ed does it Think...
But that's pretty good depth, I'm gonna bet you could get it at 24" though. Or at least 20!

The arrowhead I believe is a morrow mountain round base variety, middle archaic(6-8 thousand years ago) and possibly a few thousand years older than my last one which if I remember correctly was around 4-6000 years old.
Making it not only my favorite I've found but the oldest.
Killer old silver
, Congrats!
OMG! Congratulations on the super finds! That is better than modern gold! Wow, I could just imagine how it feels to find those. I will be excited all week and floating on cloud nine. Good job, and thanks for sharing. Hope you get more too. Happy
It's great to see you go back to having awesome hunts Zach. That reale is gonna be hard to beat unless you head across the pond.
I look forward to seeing more great finds.
Thanks all Beer
BTW pat, I can get cobs here where I'm at in NJ. Early 1600s silver! That next for me, or Philip the VI reale (ferdinands father 1700-1746). I'll take either. Almost got the Philip this time though, this is Ferdinands first year of reign. 1746-1759. And then carlous the 3rd, what is usually found and what I have 3 of. He reigned from 1759-1788 so it's usually either him or Carlos the 4th that are found
Fabulous silver find Zach!! Thank God you have some of the detail left. 1746 is an OLD coin!!!! Yes Be hard to beat that one. Nice on the arrowhead too. My brother went without me yesterday and found nothing but flint shards.

Nice finds Zach. That's a beautiful arrowhead.
You never cease to amaze Zach! Those are such wonderful finds from so many eras. Think how long it has been since human hands touched any of those items, and now they are entrusted to you. Special congrats on the 1746 Ferdinand VI.
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