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We'll finally made it away from Central IL and landed in Florida
Been in Port St Joes getting my fill of great seafood and even have a fishing trip tomorrow.
Then it's on to Destin and will be getting some beach hunting in with the 3030
Plan on using the 17" coil and the stock beach program for lack of anything else.
Any tips or pointers ?
I hope to report back with an extensive list of gold jewelry that I've found ?
Never been on the beach with a detector so this will be a learning experience, I'm sure.
Have a friend that will be there also with his E Trak and he's as green as I am.
Well have fun and best of luck to you Ben! Have a great Easter and find some great finds! Yes

Hi Ben and best wishes for a great time on the beach with your 3030. We all join you in wanting to see pics of gold and silver treasures. What a nice way to get to know your detector--- hunting on Florida beaches with an MDing buddy.
Good luck on the Florida beaches, I am sure somewhere out there has to be some good stuff yet. The only problem is there is so much area
I made it into Destin and was able to hit the beach today.
I got up before sunrise and had a cup and off to the beach.
Nice and cool, very little traffic a jogger or two and a couple fisherman.
The 3030 seemed to do alright , don't have anything to compare to though.
Found several coins and a few pieces of junk, so I must be doing something right.
It ran very smooth in dry sand and good in the wet stuff with just a bit of chatter, lowered the sense just a bit and went on.
After two hours the 17" was getting heavy as there weren't many targets to dig, all swing time.
Will be hitting it tomorrow morning also.
Still looking for gold ;-)
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