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Full Version: Super pretty lady lost her ring.
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Nice recovery with the AT Pro! You never know how deep K. Sometimes those big gram rings are real foolers. Palladium too! Fabulous work and I can understand her apprehension, being a woman alone at home, no matter how honest and forthright you know you actually are. Great vid!

And I HATE pull tabs!

Great recovery job Kenny! You earned a bit of karma with that one and I hope you are rewarded quickly. I'm not able to do much on the forum now but I had to comment on this nice story. Just wondering if you got your dredge built over the winter and if you are planning to hit the streams again this year? I'd like to see more of those civil war items come to light.
Great job , it is an awesome feeling making someone that happy isn't it. Keep up the great work.
Very nice of you to help recover the ring. She seemed very happy. Like she said she believed in you. "Smiling" Anyway, good job and thanks for sharing. Yes
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