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Full Version: Minelab 1000
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Anyone used one of these machines?
Thinking about a dedicated gold detector for wintering out west
Hi Ben I haven't used one yet, I haven't even got one in yet. They do look good for the price, I am using the GPX 4800. Let me know if you find someone using the monster
With that machine I guess you wouldn't need a 1000?
I'm thinking about a dedicated gold machine, that's easy to use and easy on the pocket book.
My CTX does everything else "but gold flakes and nuggets" well.
When things are going well we winter in Arizona and it would be something else to do .
Reports are starting to come in but kinda sparse.
I'm looking for easy and the auto ground cancel makes it a turn on and go machine, I think.
Still looking, but soon.
A used GMT is very easy to use and less expensive by a bunch. Good high frequency that picks up small gold. Fisher gold bug is a better value as well not to mention the great prices you get on a F75ltd these days and it's a monster in A.M. Looks like Minelab is having some operational issues with the GM1000 that is requiring factory intervention. I would tread lightly on any newly introduced machine these days as it seems everyone has initial issues they can't seem to get by.
They are high on the list
Thanks for the info
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