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Full Version: Had to get I did. Q40 in hand.
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Ground is dry and hard to dig, we need rain big time.
Still managed to hunt several school yards with my Q40 and 5" search coil.
As predicted using the 5" coil is a clad magnet, precision pinpointing and just a blast to use. It will find tiny things. Depth on coins is down to around 6". Fantastic coil to use and hunt in all metal mode.

Found a stainless ring and a silver quarter today.

So when Quest has the 5" coil ready to order, should be a must have item. You won't believe how light the Q40 feels with it on. Lighter than a Tesoro.

Now just waiting for the 5x9 coils to come out. By having all three coils, 5", 5x9" and 9x11" --- the Quest Q40 is ready for anything. Must admit the Q40 is a plain fun to use with the small 5" coil.

Ooooh yeah, found my weekly gaming token..LOL

Just another boring picture, guess I should spruce them up some.
It looks like a good hunt and not a boring picture , you talked about your finds and provided a photo to show what you told.
   Thanks for sharing , I am enjoying your reviews of the detectors , when I get more time to hunt I may start looking for a companion to the AT Pro. The Q40 sounds great as well as the Nokta Impact.
Here's a better picture
Nice haul on the clad Sven! Schools are real trashy here, especially the old ones. They've been hit a gazillion times too by both the locals and the pros so hat's off to your success! Yes

Sven are you getting a Quest Pro to test ? Having three frequencies is very intriguing not to mention being waterproof. I'm curious as to how well it can handle salt water as well.
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