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Ok, guys, I'm going through withdrawal here, lol. I only get out on weekends due to my 9 to 5, but, wasn't able to make it out today. Can only swing for a few hours tomorrow. I'll post whatever I find. In the meantime...

Why don't you guys throw up your best finds. I know, I know, choosing a 'best' find is like saying which of your children you love's not possible. I want to see some of your favorites though.

I'll throw some of my finds up shortly Big Grin
A few of my favorites.

Obviously my 49'er Cache

A Rare Civil War Period CA Button

A few Civil War Relics.

British 63rd Regiment of Foot (Rev War)

And a gold nugget just for fun!! My largest nugget to date (6 dwt)

I'll save some of my coins for a different post.
God dang it, Ron, slow down a little bit. There ARE other hunters in CA who'd like to find stuff too :P

That is a DAMN fine collection! Now I know what all of the fellas were talking about when you came aboard!!

I betcha theres a couple more magazine pieces/stories to go along with those pieces, Ron Wink
Some of my faves...

My two seated dimes. One of which is a CC mintmark. Finding a CC on the east coast is pretty unusual

My only 2 cent piece - 1864

Two VERY worn half reales...these are probably dating from the early/mid 1700's according to a couple of Spanish silver guys on another forum. My oldest coins yet

Nicest suspender clip I've ever dug. Has the name of a very wealthy family that lived in NJ & was involved in the grist mill business

A coin that the US military would send to families who's sons were injured or killed while in the line of duty during World War Two

My best ring. Found while hunting in about 4 feet of water at Coney Island in Brooklyn & using my CZ21. It's a custom silver ring. I call it the 'giants ring' as its huge. Look at the pic with the nickel that can fit inside the band. It's engraved with a dragon inside and is studded with diamonds around a faceted onyx stone

The large cents normally come out toasted here in NJ. You can't even recognize them half the time. I dug this one about 2 months ago. It really is in super condition considering it was hiding in dirt for almost 200 years
Those are some nice digs. I have never found a CC coin so congrats on that!!

I like finding the old coins. There certainly is a rush when a old silver pops out and you see that it is a seated, bust or a real!!

Nice Stuff!!

Thanks for sharing!
(06-08-2013 06:01 PM)Ron (CA) Wrote: [ -> ]Those are some nice digs. I have never found a CC coin so congrats on that!!

I like finding the old coins. There certainly is a rush when a old silver pops out and you see that it is a seated, bust or a real!!

Nice Stuff!!

Thanks for sharing!

You're right, Ron, the rush IS indescribable! I'm still waiting on a bust though, it's on my wish list Wink

I'd love to dig more relics, to be honest!! Coins are my first love, but, relics have a story, a provenance. I've gotten some nice doo dads & pieces over the years, but, that collection you have, Ron, it's really something else Wink

Curious, Ron, how deep was the eagle plate & what did it ring up as on the VDI?
Breast plate was about 8" deep and sounded like a can. Real high tone on the Minelab Sov.

It would be a high number on the VDI.

Here is a modified article from 2002. Breast Plate Article

That was my first Plate and kind of special.
Here are a few .
1807 Half Reale
Love Token
1853 Seated Liberty Half Dollar (With Arrows)
1877 Seated Liberty Quater and 1876 Seated Dime
Front of 1875 Seated Liberty Dime Carson City Mint
Back of 1875 Seated Liberty Dime Carson City Mint
More to post later ...
Thanks ,
Nice, Rat!!! Now I know why I don't find more seateds. Seems you & Ron have the market cornered on them, out west :P

Love that holed reale!!!

How is the dirt out there in CA, highly mineralized, tame? The coins & relics seem to come out in superb condition.

@Ron, thanks for answering my question Happy I was wondering if the plate was an overload signal...which it sounds like it was. Didn't know you found the plate with the Sov. I think I see a Sov in my future, as I do a bit of wet sand hunting in the Summer, and I can use it on land, too. I'm leaning towards getting one modded with a meter though. Shame they stopped making the Sovs. Ron, do you run the Sov in reverse discrimination like a lot of the Excal guys do?

Heading out now for a 3 or 4 hour only swing time for the week Sad Hope to snag at least a few mercs or barbers to get my fix. I'll update you guys later...
Thanks Joe the ground conditions in my area of Cal vary from location but generally it is mineralized . Some of the silver coins will change color as soon as you expose them to air . It's a weird thing but I love it when it happens .

Hey Ron just want to say killer finds as usual ! You always have a great variety of awesome finds in your posts . Lets see some more eye candy .

Joe you have some great finds there ! WoW two reales WoW ! And that Seated CC Dime of yours looks to be in great shape . Im hoping some day I find a Large Cent as we don't find many of those over here on the west coast also any Bust silver would make me happy too .
Thanks and more pics to come when I get the chance .
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