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Full Version: Latest Park Relics....
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Hey Yall,

 Have been loving my new CTX - its allowed me to relic hunt in iron infested parks that were anurism-inducing from falsing when I would hunt with my Explorer SE Pro.

The silver has long been mostly sniped out but there is still a lot of (what I think are awesome relics, though not really of any monetary value out there)
Anything with a name/date on it really gets my blood pumping.

One of the most exciting digs I had was an accidental discovery of a small bottle dump. I dug down to retrieve a rusted enameled pot about 10 inches down - (thought it was a ww2 helmet! After bringing it up I noticed a lot of shards of glass, and just as I was about to fill up the hole on impulse I checked the hole again, and saw an edge of a weird old bottle in the dirt...I carefully excavated it and kept finding more and more. The last time I was this full of adrenaline was my first relic hunt with Mark and Ron Wink
I recently ordered a bottle probe so I can start hunting these properly!
Here are some pics of my keepers from my last 3 hunts...

Thanks for looking and as always HH!
I'm not really a bottle guy, but, DAMN! Those are sweeeet. Wait till Ray sees them, as he's big into that stuff. That lock is what really whets my whistle, Micah! L-O-V-E that thing!!! Was it found at the same location?

Always great to find old locks, that a really nice looking one.
Those are some sweet finds. I really like the lock too.
Dude!!! Love it!! what is the dated object? thats  very nice! If you need help digging,Im game! Talk to ya soon. Ray
Ray, the dated thing is the front of a pocketwatch.
(looks like really thin gold or just plated as its not heavy at all..)
On the digging help - definitely!
I just need to do some research and find some exact locations of privies.
Theres a lot in San Jose frree for the taking if you wanna meet me there some weekend!

Nice finds!
Ray - to inspire for the future:
I need to find a Cobb bottle!!!!
I have a small probe. LodiTom has my  big one.
4ft is fine - whats yours?
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