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Full Version: A 1st in 30+ yrs of Diggin :D
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Hey all,

got permission on some new sites in the next county over from me.

It was settled approx. 20 yrs earlier than my county here so the finds are a bit older over that way (or can be) and/but hopefully continue to impress like today's find/s did!

Sorry no dig pics on site today but she's gettin cold here in Michigan now (today was in the 30s with winds gusting over 20) so it was too cold to deal with taking pics on top of diggin!

I've dug a LOT of coins in my diggin career (even 2 gold coins) but this coin is one that has eluded me for over 3 decades and I finally got one!!

Have a peak at my 1st Seated 1/2 dollar ever = on cloud 9 today and it was worth freezing the butt off to find! My buddy was green with envy when I called him over to check it out!

Cleaned it up with a little baking soda and soft toothbrush but still has some dark stain that doesn't seem to wanna come off.

Used the trusty old Etrac with the NEL 6.5x9.5 shooter coil - she rang up 11 44/11 45 at about 7 inches Happy

[Image: IMG_2282_zpsuxjw514x.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2319_zpsvaydd6i1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2321_zpskwfgddjc.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2320_zpszprw6auj.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2322_zps3lgfc7qp.jpg]
Awesome finds and grats on your first seated half! I hope you have even more luck the 2nd time out there!

Hh zach
Awesome nice seated half I'd be on cloud nine too. Hope you do even better on your next adventures.Happy hunting
Great hunt Wayne!! Congrats on your 1st seated half! She's in pretty good shape too! Keep swinging there, the silver sniffer with that coil is a great combo!

Those seated coins are so sweet congrats
Outstanding finds that half is awesome bet your still floating
Holy crappers!!! That fu@$ing thing is stunning. Congrats, Wayne Yes That one is still on my bucket list. I have one seated quarter and five dimes, but no half Sad

It must be something in the air, as lots of firsts this week; I got my first barber half, Ed got hist first Peace Dollar, and you just snagged your first Seated half.

P.S. - Those buttons ain't too shabby, either!

Badass dude!!
Very nice!
Congratulations that is a terrific find !
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