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Full Version: Broken But Rare
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Came across a pretty cool tongue known as the Eight Pointed Rayed Star.
Too bad its broken but I still really like it. This is a fragile one and is usually found damaged. Both pieces were in same hole.
Great find Cap! Those shell casings? 45-70?

Real nice find even with it being broken,, it's a save all that matters. Thanks for sharing and HH
Now that would make my season right there!  We'll done!  Who cares if it's broken...that's a great piece of history!
Very sweet find, congratulations
Regardless of it being a bit broken it still is beautiful. Ron does a amazing job at restoring some of his finds. Maybe he could give you some tip!
Other finds are very nice as well. Keep it up
Wow!I have never seen anything like that! Are you going to have it restored? Very cool man, congratulations!
Very nice save!!!

Thanks everyone,
Ray-hadn't thought about restoration, but is absolutely worth considering.
Ed-don't know caliber, but they are rimfire  and I usually only find them in older sites.
Nice rare find Caprock! That something to be proud of, good job!
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