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Full Version: Punch a hole in rubber.
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As most know, drilling a piece of rubber leaves a undesirable hole. I have had the opportunity to make rubber gaskets for several companies. Used a nice hole punch for rubber, etc. Even made a few out of pipe. Recently I found my self needing a small hole in rubber. Looking around the house, I found a nice temporary punch. Once it fills up with rubber plugs just throw it any. Shell casing, multiple sizes, nice tapping surface and sharp. Worked like a champ!
That's a damn good idea! Yes

I got jars of them laying around!

If you get one of these you can even sharpen the edges , inside or out depending on your desire. Works on cloth , leather and some plastic as well. A handy trick along the line of drilling holes in pennies instead of spending four times as much to buy the comparable washersHappy
Thanks for the link Dusty. Looks like a interesting tool.
good idea updownup we always used a piece of pipe sharpened now I have a easier way thanks
A couple of good ideas Updown and Dusty. I've left a few ragged edges on rubber and leather over the years.
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