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Full Version: Radioshack (Archer) detector from the early '70s
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Hi Everyone!
Just thought I'd post some pics of my very first detector which I got for my 10th birthday waaaaaayyy back in '73.  It cost $50 assembled at that time.  Influenced by such magazines as Treasure Found etc., I was a real "eager-beaver" finding a silver quarter, musket ball, flat button, etc on my first outings where we lived then in Greenville, OH.  I forgot about this machine (as most kids do) for a real long time, until my parents brought it with them here to me, in Hungary about 15 yrs. ago.....and it still worked and STILL DOES!!!!! 
Wow. A blast from the past. I had a radio shack detector when i was a youngster back in the 70's. I saved for months to buy it. I was very disappointed at the time and quickly lost interest.
I wonder what I would have done if I had a machine like that in my youth. I'd probably be all about it!
Cool. Is it a BFO?
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