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As mentioned last week I would be doing a giveaway soon and here it is. This prize with be a Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless system. Here are the rules of the contest.
  • The winner will be based off the Tennessee Lottery pick 4 on Sept. 9th. This will be on the evening drawing of that day. You find the drawing at The winning numbers will be posted after the drawing along with the winner.  
  • Every participant only gets one pick.
  • Numbers between 0000-9999 shall be chosen.
  • The person that gets the closest to the winning Pick 4 number WITHOUT going over  will be declared the winner.
  • Each person that enters must have at least 100 posts in the forum to be eligible to win.
  • The contest thread will be locked before midnight on Sept 8th.
  • Please enter picks in this thread.
I guess I'll start this off with a pick of 1867. Good luck to all who play.

That's what I spent at Walmart last night!

Best of luck to everyone!
thanks sounds like fun 3241
I'll give it a whirl. Thank you. 5800
My guess 3190, hope I have enough posts! Sorry I haven't been on for a while, I've been busy, just catching up with everything now
Hello Dave. Just a quick note to thank you for offering such a great prize in the new contest and a re-affirmation of thanks for stepping up into the role of moderator here. I haven't submitted an entry because I am basically out of the hobby due to my wife's health issues---I haven't used my detector in about a year now, and it doesn't seem appropriate to try to win something I can't use and deprive someone else a chance at the same time. I am surprised that so few members have entered thus far. The effort required to submit an entry is certainly minimal enough.  I'm hoping for a big surge as the deadline approaches. Very nice of you to try to inject some enthusiasm into the forums.
I already have one so I'm debating whether or not to enter
My guess is 1954
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