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Full Version: My best find ever.
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Found this back in 97 in San Clemente Ca. its a spanish sword from 1743. I sold it to the museum there for a nice sum. Its 3.5 feet long and still sharp. Thanks for lookin!
Holy smokes! A whole sword, handguard and all.
Holy shit! Where in the world did you find a whole sword from the 1700's?! I don't mean the exact spot, but, was it buried? Found in a cave? Details, we want details, Leo! Even though it was found a while ago, I'm putting that bad boy up on top. We need action up there after the winter I just went through Yes

It was just over a foot down in the sand at the bottom of one of the cliffs and it was totally encrusted,all I could see was the tip and the pommel, I sent it to a guy I know to get electrolisis and took just over three months,when he was done it looked almost new.
Man, that's ridiculous. On the beach no less. Maybe some old pirate dudes were having a sword fight, and the loser dropped his sword in the sand after being stabbed to death, and you found it 230 years later. Amazing some of the stuff we find! Well done Beer

Oh sweet find!
 i found a sword like that, its still sitting in my closet.. heh. 

-happy digging!
Thats an incredible find Leo!!! Its going to be hard to top that, but I know youll keep trying!
Wow that is awesome. Maybe it belonged to Captain Jack Sparrow.
I want a sword haven't found much old though only been metal detecting for a year now
Not to worry, I found no swords my first year either!

Or since come to think about it...Wink
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