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Full Version: King Georgie the 2nd and no pin pointer!
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Hey guys, I decided to get out today last minute and forgot my pinpointer! I was in a rush and driving from my house to the button field(45 minutes). But that didn't stop me! I ended up in the very back of the permission near the river in a corn field that's been turned up. The stalks aren't in the way as it was the 1st time I hit it. The rest of the fields were plowed. But anyway, 3rd target I popped out my oldest coin to date and my only KG! 1740. Was super excited. I went on to find a 1826 half cent, two buttons, a thimble with stars and I believe to be initials a unknown and a arrow point! I found the point next to a plug. I didn't pick it up at first because I thought no way...but I eventually checked to make sure and sure enough. My first point! So yeah, good day today and look forward to hitting more fields closer to these houses!
That's a STUPENDOUS hunt!!!!! Man, Zach, whatever you're doing, it's sure working, bud Yes Being it's your oldest coin, I vote banner Wink

Thanks for giving me inspiration, z man!!!

Thanks Joe! And I'll tell ya, research! The field I was in today was the original main field back in the day. It really pays off to do research and I credit most of my finds to that and learning my detector.
As do you, and the rest of TC! Sometimes I don't feel like detecting but reading and seeing finds from all of you gets my blood flowing and gets me out there, so thank you!
I appreciate the banner. I wish it was cleaned and better looking but hey. Farm field. 1740? I'm really happy I could ID it and it wasn't toasted!
I'm still scared to clean my coins. Idk what to do! I feel like I'm gonna ruin them! Lol.
Welcome to the 1700's club, Zach!!! You deserve every bit of that banner, enjoy it!!

Nice Zach. Really, really nice. Don't know how I would react with very old finds like that. Heart attack likely at my age. Glad you just had your 24th yesterday. You can deal with the excitement. Was going to ask about cleaning til I saw your next post. Eager to see if you decide to try. Congrats on the banner--deserved! Speaking of the banner, my computer hasn't scrolled it in over a week, but did tonight. I was hoping to see Joe's real there too

By the way Zach. Forgot to say way to go on the arrow point. Get back there soon, especially after some heavy washing rains and I'm sure you can find more. Rarely would there be just a single stray point in a riverside field.
Thanks Joseph!
Shade, I had a mini heart attack. And $hit myself a little. But its all good. That's why I bring a spare pair of underwear in my backpack. I reaaaally wanna try to clean it but idk yet. Gonna look stuff up and do the simplest form of cleaning first and see how it goes if I do do anything...
Joes real is going on the banner wether he likes it or not.
Thanks on the point! I was super stoked. Its actually a large creek that runs right into the Delaware river. Not far. 5 minutes. But yeah. I can't imagine there not being more. I really hope I can spot some while detecting. Finding that point was blind luck. As it was in/next to the plug. I didn't see it until I was kneeling down looking for my loot without a damn pinpointer lol! But I'm gonna get out tomorrow morning so I'll keep ya updated!
Thanks again joe and shade!
Welcome to 1700s club sir buttons. Great catches on the finds.  I second the banner
I was worried by your title that you lost your pinpointer .
1740 WOW !!!!! It will look great on the banner.
Maybe you should give that thing a long soak in just plain distilled water.
If you do clean it we want to see pictures.
Again , congrats on a banner find!
Zach, terrific finds, congratulations. I love it when you don't feel like detecting but go anyway and bring home really cool finds.
Good luck out there
Thanks guys! If I do clean it I'll be sure to post pictures!
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