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Full Version: Silver dollar cache!!!
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I'm in the middle of my hunt right now I just had stop and post this!! I will give details and fill you all in later but in one spot in a small little area I found my first silver dollar and not just one but five!!!!! There are 2 Morgan dollars, a 1903 s and a 1921 plain. And I found 3 peace dollars 2- 1922's and a 1923, all three are plain no mint marks. This is the first silver dollar I ever found. I'm getting back to hunting. Thanks for looking and happy hunting!!!
Whoa! I'm guessing this is going to be good, can't wait to hear the details on this!!!


Wow thats crazy.  I have not found even one yet either.
Man oh man! That's insane. Great find and can't wait to hear the details
Holy F@$king Sh@t!!!!!!!

That's is absolutely amazing!

Joe, if that's not a banner, then you're just jealous!
I vote banner!!! Congratulations PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the hits just a keep on coming this Fathers Day Weekend!!!! That beats my little cache by a month of Sundays!! Way to go!
Congratulations on a find of a LIFE TIME!!!!
I woke up this morning wanting to hear the story on this AMAZING FIND, and nothing. We want to know everything, Trevor!!! Come on, spill the beans Happy

OK Ray, give us the goods. If you had a heart attack, that's excusable. We're all waiting for the news. Please, please give us the news!!!!!
(06-16-2014 06:09 AM)NjNyDigger Wrote: [ -> ]I woke up this morning wanting to hear the story on this AMAZING FIND, and nothing. We want to know everything, Trevor!!! Come on, spill the beans Happy


Haha! Sorry guys I got busy. Anyway, I have to get something off my chest.. I don't know if I can really call it a cache because they did not technically all come from the same hole. I called it a cache because I believe that they were all buried together. My uncle Rick and Cousin Chris have been trying to get me down to detect their yard for some time now. I kept putting it off because I've been busy and they live almost an hour and a half away. Well I finally went down. I started in the front yard witch is small, got one 1917 wheat. Down the side of the house, nothing... I got to the back yard and the first thing I dig, Morgan! When I found the first my uncle was telling me that right in the area I found it used to be a big pine tree and some other bushes that they had cut down and dug up. Go back to detecting, about two feet from the first bam! Another kill signal! Dig it up...peace dollar! And that's how I found all 5. I dug one wheatie in between, other than that 5 silver dollars in a row. Only about 3-4 inches down and they all came from about a 15 maybe 20 foot radius witch my uncle said is about the size of the area that got tore up when removing the tree and bushes. That's why I believe they were buried together under the old tree that used to be there. I can't prove it, but I believe it was an old cache that spread out during the digging of the tree and bushes. I pounded the rest of the yard and only found a few wheats. That is the story of my best day detecting to date as far as best finds go. Like I said I have never found a silver dollar before yesterday.
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